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About Department of Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering!

The school, it was founded in 1958. It is starting from Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology.
In 1962, it was renamed as Mechanical Engineering.
In 1964, it was renamed as Department of Mechanical Engineering.
In 1989, it was restructured into the Department of Mechanical Engineering, till today.
Current Situation
      We have 17 full-time teachers, 3 professors, 9 associate professors, 3 assistant professors, 2 lecturers.
  • Day school: Here applied 2 classes is for Mechanical Engineering and 2 class is for vehicle car recruited every year.
  •  Night school: It is closed since from 2011.
Curriculum Planning
This department, the course design is mainly based on the consideration of responding to social changing, improving student’s employability, and taking into account the industry requirements, including increasing students' internship opportunities, strengthening industry-university cooperation, increasing students' management knowledge and information foreign language skills. Development and integration in line with the staged development goals and 4C core competencies (includes as Creativity, Consideration, Communication, Cooperation):
  • Core Competency Course (Pragmatic): To improve students' employability, the basic courses are planned according to the academy arrangement.
  • Practical Research Course (Innovation): Improve students' problem-solving ability, and plan courses for R&D design modules, precision manufacturing modules, and advanced vehicle modules.
  • Language Management Course (Joyful): Good communication, leadership, group cooperation skills and international language skills.
  • General Studies (Macro): Adaptability to rapid changes in technological trends and humanistic care for society and the environment.