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Our Goal

Department's Educational Goals
Educational goals of the Department of Mechanical Engineering:
  • Cultivate specialized and practical mechanical engineering professionals
  • Cultivate modern social citizens who are dedicated and happy people.
The development strategy of the educational goals for Department of Mechanical Engineering:
  • Foundation skills: To attach importance basic education, it subjects to the technical, enhance computer skills, information and practical practice.
  • Strengthen professional knowledge: To strength the education of various professional courses, which focus on basic ability, combined with the resources of the relevant institutes of the school. It also introduces the professional training required by the domestic industry.
  • Strengthen practical skills: Provide students with the experience of actually participating in industry-university cooperation, and promote the competition of project production or research. So that students can learn the ability to solve problems.
  • Enhance employment competitiveness: Strengthen language, management and marketing skills, so that students have communication skills; encourage students to participate in off-campus internship activities. So that students have practical work experience.