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Department Features

Department Features
 In order to provide students a proper study guidance and career planning, the following steps as below:
  • Whole-course guidance system: In grades 1-4, it enables students to study effectively and guide students in the whole learning activities.
  • Professional Practice (Off-Campus Internship) Course: Learning step is divided two ways. The one of group is continuously learning and staying at school. The other is interesting and choosing the Professional Practice (Off-Campus Internship) course in the fourth academic year.
Important Area
For the development of the community industry, it combined with the advanced opinions of the industry, the technical research and development priorities of the department.
  • R&D Design: Included Medical Assistive Technology and mold design analysis and other technologies.
  • Precision manufacturing: including reverse engineering rapid mold and microsystem manufacturing technologies.
  • Vehicle Services: Including technologies such as automotive electronics and advanced vehicle power (green energy).
Promotion Service
  • Vehicle service technology: Provide technical services related to academia and industry in conjunction with auto service factories and related instrument suppliers.
  • Reverse engineering technology: Combine with related technology suppliers to provide rapid prototyping, scanning, analyzing and other technical services.
  • Assistive device technology: The department has achieved fruitful research and development achievements in assistive device technology, and plans to provide industry-related technical services in conjunction with schools, hospitals and related industries.